Merlin Season 2 Episode 11 / Watch Merlin s02e11 The Witch's Quickening online free

TV Show Title: Merlin

Season: 02

Episode: 11

Title of the Episode: The Witch's Quickening

Genre: Scifi-Drama

Theme: Medieval

Date of the Show: Saturday / December 05, 2009

Rate: Superb

Synopsis of the Episode:

In his determination to return magic to the kingdom and destroy Camelot, the ruthless warlock Alvarr doesn't fear fighting Uther. However, he must first reclaim the Crystal of Neahtid, a precious magical relic of the Old Religion. Even though few can control its power, Alvarr believes that the young Druid Mordred can be an ally to use it in the benefit of their cause. Many have lost their lives trying to reclaim the crystal, safely locked up in Uther's vaults. But Alvarr counts on Morgana's powerful bond with the Druid boy as a secret weapon to undermine the king's precautions. Despite Morgana's fondness of Mordred, will she go as far as to turn into a thief and a traitor to help him and Alvarr? Merlin will be once more surprised by Morgana's choices and the true power of the mysterious crystal. (from TV viewer)

Merlin Season 2 Episode 11: The Witch's Quickening

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