The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 17 Heart

Your chance to Watch The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 17 Heart Online Stream is here on the internet. Your favorite online TV series with its new episode that releases today March 16, 2010. This is a special season from the television CBS channel.

Here's the summary:

TV Series Title: The Good Wife
Season: 01
Episode: 17
Title of the Episode: Heart
Genre: Drama
Theme: Family
Date of the Show: Tuesday / March 16, 2010
Rate: Superb (based on TV viewers)

Synopsis of the episode: An emergency courtroom was set up in the middle of a hospital, and Alicia and Will have to battle Patti Nyholm and an insurance company, who refuses to pay the client for a life-saving in-utero surgery. Meanwhile, Alicia gives Peter a proper welcome home. (from TV viewer)

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