Watch Pacquiao vs Clottey Fight Replay | Pacquiao Clottey Replay

As we have seen the live event via satellite the fight of the Filipino Boxing Hero Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao against the Ghana boxer Joshua "The Hitter Grand Master" Clottey. Before the fight as passing into the ring Pacquiao only walk with humbleness and self-reliance not like Clottey that dances as walking through the ring. People were so excited to witness the fight between two best boxers.

Pacquiao hardly hit Clottey because he always cover from Pacquaio's punches. But too many points were in. Clottey punch back to Pacquiao which resulted to his face a bit damage. Meanwhile as the rounds almost 12th round Clottey began to punch more powerful than he did from the previous rounds but Pacquiao can handle it.

As a final result, the judges were voted Pacquaio as the winner by unanimous decision because he got more scores than Clottey.

So enjoy watching the replay of their fight via the internet.

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