90210 Season 2 Episode 22 Confessions

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TV Series Title: 90210
Season: 02
Episode: 22
Title of the Episode: Confessions
Genre: Romantic-Drama
Theme: Teen
Date of the Show: Tuesday / May 18, 2010
Host: The CW
Rate: Perfect (based on TV viewers)

Synopsis of the episode: When Annie decides to confess to the police and everyone else about her hit-and-run accident over a year ago, she discovers a shocking twist which is that she didn't even run over Jasper's uncle, and that someone else did. Meanwhile, Liam and Jasper get in a fistfight over Annie, and Liam will suffer the consequences. Jen tells Ryan she is pregnant with his baby and threatens to revealing details about his past unless she does what she says. The conflict between Teddy and his father gets more heated over his refusal to break up with Silver. Harry and Debbie make a decision to end their marriage over their differences. At the end, something horrible happens to Naomi involving a random guy. (from TV viewer)

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