Breaking News: Atlantis Space Shuttle Launch Today

It's a breaking news about the "Atlantis Space Shuttle" that is going to be this day, Friday, May 14, 2010 at around 2PM as scheduled. The six astronauts arrive in the Florida for final planned launched of the Shuttle Atlantis. The astronauts who will be there inside the Space Shuttle namely: Ken Ham, who is the Commander, STS-132 pilot Dominic "Tony" Antonelli and mission specialists Steven Bowen, Garrett Reisman, Michael Good and Piers Sellers will deliver and install the Russian Mini-Research Module-1, also called "Rassvet" (which means "Dawn" in Russian) . The live coverage of Atlantis Space Shuttle Launching is available in NASA TV channel on your television. Enjoy watching the launch of Atlantis Space Shuttle!

This is a very excitement to watch the launching of the Atlantis Space Shuttle as it take off. Hold on and don't miss to witness its final hour by watching it via online. This STS-132 is the 132nd flight of the shuttle program and the 32nd mission for Atlantis.

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