Broad Street Run Winners and Results

The Broad Street Run was held in United States participated by many athletes that ran for 10-miles. The race is already in 31st season with an exciting athletes ran below the heat of the sun just to win.

Below are list of the winners in the Broad Street Run.

MEN's Category:

Alene Reta - 48:10
Ketema Nigusse - 48:34
Worku Beyi - 49:00
Bado Worku - 49:15
Derese Deniboboa - 49:30

WOMEN's Category:

Buzunesha Deba - 55:13
Alemteshay Misaganaw - 55:22
Kellen Waithira - 57:47
Martha Brown - 58:21
Christine Ramsey - 59:11

Stat tuned for more updates and watch the replay video via internet online. We hope you enjoy watching the Broad street run.

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