Fargo Marathon 2010 Winners and Results

The Fargo Marathon 2010 scheduled just his morning May 22, 2010 at Fargo, North Dakota. Every year as the event continues to grow its popularity increased the number of guests participating impressive. Fargo Marathon which won the Runner’s World Readers’ Choice “as No. 1 U.S. Value Marathon.

It has been reported that this event has expanded manifold, and the latest news from Fargo which says that this time more than 20,000 runners are supposed to be a part of the Fargo Marathon 2010 event.

The Marathon is increasing year by year and now there are 20,000 people registered that stated above which means that runners reahced ten times more than they were in their first year and has currently its number six.

As Knutson interviewed, he said that on Friday about 2,200 runners had registered for the full marathon had 6500 registered for the half marathon had 1600 registered team relays, had enrolled 2800 10K and 2400 runners took part in Thursday’s young running. We do not need to drive down the streets in Fargo-Moorhead a very long time to see people running on the sidewalk, running on the street.

By Knutsom, he uses Fargo Marathon as a training run for something crazy seven ultra marathons, which are distances longer than 26.2 miles in seven deserts, seven continents.

Kevin Bjerke, a former Fargo South runner, has won the men’s 10K race of the Fargo Marathon with a time of 34 minutes and 10 seconds.

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