Watch Miley Cyrus Lap Dance Video Tape Online

Miley Cyrus a famous 17-year old actress also known as Hannah Montana performing a lap dance with Adam Shankman, a 44-year old Hollywood producer. Fans of Mile Cyrus were intrigue to this video as indeed is too sexy although far from what they think is a damn. The producer said no matter what they think, it's only Hollywood and they must keep in mind the reality.

Shankman, who is openly gay, said that Miley is like his ‘little angel sister’, on a previous occasion when their relationship came under scrutiny after some sexy photos of the two surfaced. He added "simply that ‘people need to lighten up". Gay or straight, it is hard for people to see a 44-year old man doing sexually suggestive things with a 17-year old girl.

But who knows? This thing might be possible but rest assured he never do anything that people think negative he said as stated above. The lap dance they performed as tongues are wagging about a video posted early this morning is just Hollywood, a place where sex sells and where people don’t hold on to their innocence for long.

It's up to you to find out what really the truth of what the video is all about.

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