Chelsea vs Blackburn | Watch Chelsea vs Blackburn online live streaming

Watch Chelsea vs Blackburn online free stream

Catch the new event of your favorite Football Soccer Team, the Premiere League which is Chelsea and Blackburn on their great match brought to you by Barclays and the kick off time will be 17:30 UK time this 24th of October at Stamford Bridge home of Chelsea (as shown the picture below). Stay tuned and feel free to watch this great match between the best teams here online by clicking the links.

The picture below is the Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea which is located at Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, Fulham, London. And the brief history follows...

History: 18th century maps show a 'Stanford Creek' running along the route of what is now a railway line at the back of the East Stand as a tributary of the Thames.

The stream had two local bridges: Stanford Bridge on the Fulham Road (also recorded as Little Chelsea Bridge) and Stanbridge on the Kings Road, now known as Stanley Bridge. Stanford Creek, Stanford Bridge and Stanbridge no doubt all contributed in some uncertain way to the eventual name of Stamford Bridge, which must have been further suggested by the well known Battle of Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire, a famous victory by King Harold Godwinson over King Harald Hardråde of Norway in 1066, which took place shortly before Harold's defeat at the hands of the Normans at the Battle of Hastings. (con't read it on Wikipedia)

It's easy to watch it online and all the teams you want. All you need is an internet access that drives you to the top.

Again, don't miss to watch the live event of Premiere League this Thursday, October 24. A good and exciting game will be played by the two great teams of EPL. Watch it and enjoy, who's gonna be the winner afterwards.

Watch Chelsea vs Blackburn online live streaming

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