House Season 6 Episode 8: Ignorance is Bliss / Watch House Season 6 Episode 8 online free

Don't miss to watch your favorite action-drama-suspense television show House with its new episode which is entitled "Ignorance is Bliss" and airs this 23rd of November @ 8PM on the number one channel, FOX. Get the video of this TV series by clicking the shows here. Again, don't miss to catch your fave television series on the best TV channel or catch it here online. Stay tuned and feel free to get this great series here streaming online.

In this episode's synopsis: It's Thanksgiving, and the team discover they have little to be thankful for in their personal lives. Meanwhile, House takes on the illness of a brilliant physicist who has rejected his intellect to work as a courier. (from TV viewer).

Feel free to watch its sneak preview:

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