JMU Springfest Riot 2010 | James Madison University Riot Video

This was a horrible incident that had happened near the James Madison University this early evening April 11, 2010. There were 30 people were arrested as the riot goes on and several were injured from broken glass. The springfest was supposed to be fun and they may enjoy from it but it was suddenly came into chaos. What really the causes of the riot affecting people arrested, injured and shocked from the incident. As what Harrisonburg police said that the JMU riot was not necessarily caused by James Madison students. The riot was likely started by people from out of town. Police think that the fact that the party was promoted on Facebook may have led to the large crowd and there were some quarrels of both parties or group that led to riot.

James Madison University students and out-of-town people were gathered for Springfest, and maybe three or more days about to celebrate the party that took place in the houses near the JMU. The party usually draws more than 4,000 party-goers but this time were more than 8,000 descended on Springfest.

Hoping this would'nt be happened again if celebrating this kind of party. Enjoy and gain friends is much better rather than chaos.

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