Watch Box Jellyfish Survivor Video Online

Box jellyfish is from the deadly creature family living in the water most especially in salt water like sea. This jellyfish is dangerous to person if it spread its tentacles as its primary weapon and have contact to it. It will spread to the body and causes it paralyzed and unable to do so. So we must to avoid contact and or touch this kind of sea creatures.

As what happened to the survivor that was infected by box jellyfish's saliva or sting, certain 10-year-old girl, Rachael Shardlow can instantly be killed in a moment or minutes if not rush to hospital or treated immediately. This was happened in Calliope River, near the town of Gladstone. She was with her 13-year-old brother as she was wrapped by this venomous box jellyfish on her leg.

As we can see the video or footage of the girl as her leg wrapped of about 15 tentacles, we feel pity to a girl.

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