Shameless (UK) Season 7 Episode 11 Season 7 - Episode 11

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TV Series Title: Shameless (UK)

Season: 07

Episode: 11

Title of the Episode: Season 7 - Episode 11

Genre: Comedy

Theme: Family

Date of the Show: Tuesday / April 06, 2010

Host: Channel 4

Rate: Great (based on TV viewers)

Synopsis of the episode: When Liam befriends a World War Two veteran to help him with a school project he finds solace in the old man's company, but Libby spies on them and jumps to all the wrong conclusions. When Maxine's brother Bruce turns up on the doorstep he claims that he got the black eye from their father blaming it on an homophobic attack but, when she confronts her father and learns the real story her loyalties are tested. And when Bruce charms Mimi into letting him stay at the Jockey it causes Mickey to the brink of a nervous breakdown. Meanwhile, Karen is put out when Joe appears to have moved on by taking control of his life and attending anger management classes. (from TV viewer)

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