The Preakness Stakes 2010: Post Time

Welcome to the Preakness Stakes 2010, has been announced its post positions. Preakness Stakes is still running this Saturday at Pimlico Racetrack in Baltimore and about to start on May 15, 2010. Fans of this sport can start tune right now for early broadcast of the race at about 1:30 PM EST.

The Preakness Stakes Picks and odds is very important to which before the race the horses can be identified whether it is capable to be in race and or who gonna win according to its structure and power. Prediction is what people think and who gonna they go with. People who are searching the exact post time of the Preakness Stakes 2010 is 6:05 EST live on Saturday, May 15, 2010.

The race of this year's event, there are only 12 horses to take the track within 1 mile and 3/16th of another. Not like last years race event that composed of 13 horses that made to race the track. The issue is that one horse that will be participated can not run this event because of an injury. This Preakness Stakes 2010 is covered live via satellite by the NBC network before the post time at about 4:30 PM EST this Saturday.

Updates of the news about the Preakness Stakes 2010, the winners and results will be posted here right after the event. So stay tuned and watch the race live streaming online on your computer provided by internet sdervice provider.

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