Huge Season 1 Episode 7 Poker Face

People are enjoy watching the new episode of Huge through its TV host channel. The new episode is very much more exciting and fans gonna have time to watch it online. The new episode of the TV series is entitled "Poker Face" which describes through synopsis below if available. More episode to come next week, don't forget to visit again for free viewing of the show.

Summary of the show:

TV Series Title: Huge
Season: 01
Episode: 07
Title of the Episode: Poker Face
Genre: Teens
Theme: Family
Date of the Show: Monday / August 09, 2010
Time: 9:00 P.M.
Host: ABC Family
Rate: Great (based on TV viewers)

Synopsis of the episode: Dr. Rand has problems this week as she learns that her father has been giving the campers Poker lessons and that her colleagues take to each other instead of her. In other news, the campers have there first weigh in and everybody is nervous. (from TV viewer)

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