Mercy Season 1 Episode 2: I Believe You Conrad

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Don't miss to watch your favorite drama TV show Mercy with its new episode that is entitled "I Believe You Conrad" and airs this 30th of September @ 8PM on your favorite TV channel, NBC. Watch for the video of Mercy Season 1 Episode 2 by clicking the links below. Again, don't miss to watch your favorite drama TV series Mercy Season 1 Episode 2 on your favorite TV channel or watch it here online for free. Stay tuned and feel free to watch this great series here online.

In this episode: Veronica and her husband Mike try to rekindle their romance and move back in together, but this might not be as simple as they thought. At the hospital, Veronica and Dr.Sands try to just be friends but it's also not that easy. Meanwhile, Sonia is in love with the hunky cop Nick Valentino, who turns out to be more compatible with her than she thought. He helps her also with a Jane Doe case, while Chloe tries to help a patient everyone has already given up on. (from TV viewer).

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