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Catch the new event of your favorite Football Soccer Team, the Premiere League which is Benfica and Everton on their great match brought to you by Barclays and the kick off time will be 18:00 UK time this 22nd October at Estadio da Luz, home of Benfica (as shown the picture below). Stay tuned and feel free to watch this great match between the best teams here online by clicking the links.

The picture below is the Estadio da Luz, home of Benfica which is located at Lisbon, Portugal. And the brief history follows...

History: Luz is actually the area of Lisbon in which the Estádio da Luz stands. The area is named after Our Lady of the Light (Nossa Senhora da Luz). As the people of Lisbon often referred to the original stadium, demolished beginning in 2002, as simply the light, the common English name for the stadium became the stadium of light. The Stadium of Light in Sunderland, England may well have been inspired by this Lisbon example, though it has other well established reasons for bearing the name.

It hosted several matches in the UEFA Euro 2004, including the final. The previous Benfica stadium (also called "Estádio da Luz" and one of the largest stadiums in the world with 120,000 seats) was demolished and the new one was built for the tournament with an official capacity of 65,400. The architect, Damon Lavelle, designed the stadium to use as much natural light as possible. It is classified by UEFA as a five star stadium, allowing it to host major European cup finals. The original Estádio da Luz, opened in 1954, hosted the 1992 European Cup Winners' Cup final before a crowd of well over 120,000, its absolute capacity in those years. Before that final it also hosted the 1991 FIFA World Youth Championship final held in Portugal with an impressive attendance of 130,000. The original stadium replaced Estadio do Campo Grande. (con't reading on Wikipedia).

It's easy to watch it online and all the teams you want. All you need is an internet access that drives you to the top.

Again, don't miss to watch the live event of Premiere League this Thursday, October 22. A good and exciting game will be played by the two great teams of EPL. Watch it and enjoy, who's gonna be the winner afterwards.

Watch EPL Benfica vs Everton online live streaming here now

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