The Shark Tank Season 1 Episode 10: Episode 110

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Don't miss to watch your favorite reality TV show The Shark Tank with its new episode which is entitled "Episode 110" and airs this October 20 @ 8PM on the number one TV channel, ABC. Watch for the video of The Shark Tank Season 1 Episode 10 by clicking the links below. Again, don't miss to catch your fave TV series The Shark Tank Season 1 Episode 10 on your great TV channel or watch it here online for free. Stay tuned and feel free to watch this great series here online.

In this episode: First into the Shark Tank is an entrepreneur who creates customized Bobbie Heads. He wants the Sharks to invest in an extension of his existing business, but the Sharks won't bite unless he gives up a percentage of his existing, lucrative business. Next into the Shark Tank is a urologist who has created a pretty bizarre device that looks like a golf club and will allow men to urinate right on the golf course if need be. Next, the Sharks are introduced to a business that will change the world of college sports, and they offer four times the amount asked! (from TV viewer).

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