Gia Carangi: World's First Supermodel

Who is Gia Carangi? She has been called as the first supermodel in the world. She was an American model in the American fashion industry. It was Gia Carangi whom Cindy Crawford was referred to as “baby Gia” as news reported. And on the other hand, Janice Dickinson is said to be one of the self proclaiming “world’s first supermodel".

A little background on Gia Carangi: born in January 29, 1960. She had also been honored to be the first Supermodel in late 1970’s to early 1980’s.

Today's issue about Gia is trending scoops buzzing over the internet.

As reported Gia Carangi was infected by a disease which is HIV AIDS, she was admitted to Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia. And so far as it known that her condition became serious that causing her to die at the age of 26 and that was November 18, 1986.

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