True Blood Season 3 Episode 3 It Hurts Me Too

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TV Series Title: True Blood
Season: 03
Episode: 03
Title of the Episode: It Hurts Me Too
Genre: Scifi-Drama
Theme: Horror
Date of the Show: Sunday / June 27, 2010
Host: HBO
Rate: Great (based on TV viewers)

Synopsis of the episode: In search of Bill, Sookie heads to Jackson, Mississippi in the company of Alcide, a werewolf bodyguard assigned by Eric to protect her. Jason is distracted from his police exams. Bud reaches the end of his rope and Arlene copes with unexpected news. Franklin charms Tara, and gets Jessica out of a jam, Eric bequeaths a gift to Lafayette. Haunted by visions from his past, Bill makes a surprising pledge of allegiance. (from TV viewer)

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