Caprica Season 1 Episode 8 Ghosts in the Machine

Watch Caprica Season 1 Episode 8 Ghosts in the Machine Online Stream is your chance to watch here on the internet. This is the best guide for you to know the content of your favorite online TV series with its new episode that releases today March 19, 2010. This is a special season from the television SyFy channel.

Here's the summary:

TV Series Title: Caprica
Season: 01
Episode: 08
Title of the Episode: Ghosts in the Machine
Genres: Scifi-Drama
Theme: Science
Date of the Show: Friday / March 19, 2010
Rate: Great (based on TV viewers)

Synopsis of the episode: Daniel is beginning to suspect that Zoe-Avatar is in the robot, but his pleas for his daughter to reveal herself go ignored. In an effort to flush her out, he launches a campaign of psychological torture, resulting in escalating tests that force Zoe into a choice she cannot take back. (from TV viewer)

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