Greek Season 3 Episode 20 All Children... Grow Up

Watch Greek Season 3 Episode 20 All Children... Grow Up Online Stream is your chance to watch here on the internet. This is the best guide for you to know the content of your favorite online TV series with its new episode that releases today March 29, 2010. This is a special season from the television ABC Family channel.

Here's the summary:

TV Series Title: Greek
Season: 03
Episode: 20
Title of the Episode: All Children... Grow Up
Genre: Drama
Theme: Family
Date of the Show: Monday / March 29, 2010
Rate: Superb (based on TV viewers)

Synopsis of the episode: The CRU kids are on Spring Break in Myrtle Beach. The year winds down as Ashleigh contemplates her job options, Casey remains on edge about law school and her relationship with Cappie, and Cappie plans a romantic surprise for Casey's birthday. After "losing" their Spring Break house to the Omega Chis during Phase I of their revenge plan, the KTs are ready to put the rest of their brilliant plan into action. They successfully sabotage the Omega Chis' Spring Break by evicting them from the house. But when Rusty is caught planning the next phase, he jeopardizes the entire mission. Ashleigh and Rebecca decide to take a vacation from their real lives by using fake names and backgrounds during Spring Break. But Rebecca can't hide her true feelings for Evan. Meanwhile, Rusty and Dana plan to take their relationship to a new level by sharing a room together during Spring Break, but all does not go as planned when Dale decides to join them. (from TV viewer)

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