Private Practice S03E18 Pulling the Plug

Watch Private Practice Season 3 Episode 18 Pulling the Plug Online Stream is your chance to watch here on the internet. This is the best guide for you to know the content of your favorite online TV series with its new episode that releases today March 25, 2010. This is a special season from the television ABC channel.

Here's the summary:

TV Series Title: Private Practice
Season: 3
Episode: 18
Title of the Episode: Pulling the Plug
Genres: Romantic-Drama
Theme: Medical
Date of the Show: Thursday / March 25, 2010
Rate: Great (based on TV viewers)

Synopsis of the episode: A husband's decision to pull the plug on his pregnant wife is overruled by a judge, forcing the hospital to keep her on life support until the baby is born and can survive. Naomi feels betrayed after learning of Sam and Addison's feelings for each other who turns to Dr. Fife for comfort. (from TV viewer)

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