The Pacific Season 1 Episode 1 Guadalcanal/Leckie

Your chance to Watch The Pacific Season 1 Episode 1 Guadalcanal/Leckie Online Stream is here on the internet. Your favorite online TV series with its new episode that releases today March 14, 2010. This is a special season from the television HBO channel.

Here's the summary:

TV Series Title: The Pacific
Season: 01
Episode: 01
Title of the Episode: Guadalcanal/Leckie
Genre: Drama
Theme: War
Date of the Show: Sunday / March 14, 2010
Rate: Superb (based on TV viewers)

Synopsis of the episode: Directly following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Seargent John Basilone ships out to fight the enemy somewhere in the Pacific, and a young journalist called Robert Leckie enlists in the Marine Corps. Sidney Phillips ships off to boot camp after saying farewell to his friend Eugene Sledge, who cannot go with him due to a heart murmur. Eight months later, Phillips and Leckie, having completed boot camp are sent to secure a airfield on Guadalcanal, and to help defend it against counterattack. (from TV viewer)

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